Glazing Types & Styles

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Frosted- Frosted glass utilises enamelled stencilled designs, some incorporating transfers and is heat treated resulting in the look of lead light or stained glass at a very affordable price.

Contemporary- Panama Glass is frost plain glass with routed design into the glass. Slumped Glass is a free form glass created under very high temperatures.

Double Glaze- For the energy conscious. Reduces energy loss, improves sound insulation.

Triple Glaze- Exclusive lead light glass designs vacuum sealed and protected each side by clear toughened glass. Benefits include: Added security, excellent insulation, easy care, water proof and noise reduction.

Budget Lead light- Affordable quality featuring toughened glass for added security and piece of mind.

Sliding Door Cavity Units

The Joey brand cavity frame has been manufactured in Melbourne for more
than 45 years. The salient features of cavity frames are the heavy steel staunchions
behind the split jambs and an easily removable track. All the exposed kiln dried
hardwood timbers are from local renewable sources.
The Joey Twin Track has galvanized steel track with a dual fully sealed
precision bearing roller. The Joey Boomer has an aluminum track with
fully sealed four roller precision bearings.
All Joey cavity frames come with a 10 year guarantee against faulty parts
or workmanship.